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'dbuš' as "clothes" is weird, one would expect 'ḥwāyəž' or something like that. I know 'dbuš' as either 'household goods' or simply 'stuff'.


dbuš-ə́nnəs: dbaš, pl. dbuša "stuff" in Libyan Arabic and in Siwi, if I recall rightly.

aqúṭət: another. I suppose the q must come from g, and ultimately y, but the vowel is still odd.

"It's interesting that the speaker uses an Arabic plural while there is a perfectly Berber word for it"

In most Berber languages, as in Japanese and many other languages, certain numeral+measure combinations are borrowed as whole paradigms, usually including "n days". My thesis has almost a chapter on this phenomenon.

Ddíwa ttudík: not sure about the literal translation, but this must mean "what's wrong with you?" (something like Moroccan mā-lǎk, Algerian wāš-bīk, Matrouh kǎnnǎk, etc.)


@bulbul dibeš in ELA can mean 'clothes' but also can generally mean 'stuff, luggage, bags, etc.'

@phoenix, regarding the comp./superl. 'better' there is no axyar or axīr in ELA, xēyr is the form.

also, about iwīnán n-əṣṣaḥb-ə́nnəs 'one of his friends', the construction isn't an exact match, but you could have wāḥid ṣāḥb-a in ELA 'a friend of his, one of his friends'. don't think that's what's going on here, though.

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