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SKN means "to live, to reside" in Classical Arabic already, it shows up in Lisan al-Arab.
The formula the beggar uses is a classic, you will find variations on it in, say, The Arabian Nights translated as "give me something for God's sake", "out of that He has given you" or, probably closest to what we have here, "so that God will reward you".
"u" as "when" is interesting, could it be the same structure as the Arabic circumstantial clause?


yáxzər < there's a Moroccan verb 'xzer' meaning "to look threatingly at so/st".


You already identified the Classical etymology for xzer in http://phoenixblog.typepad.com/blog/2011/10/i-demand-a-refund-for-this-man.html. xẓəṛ in Algeria is "look, stare, look disparagingly."

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