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ənnúṣ < نصف CA [naṣf] plus definite article and assimilation (at least I think that's what it is, because you usually get [nuṣṣ]).
əlbarát: I think the root is BR', there's a bunch of North-African words I know derived from this root quite close to the meaning here, e.g. burayyah = bill, mubarat = money order.


D'oh, here it is: bara (+ feminine -t) = receipt, contract.


ənnúṣ: < Ar. niṣf (the f is often lost dialectally)

əlbarát: < Turkish para, via dialectal Arabic.


thanks for the continued postings.

aləṣláʕ 'bald' - cf. eastern Libyan صلاع، مصلوع 'bald'

yaʕádd 3sg.m.pf. 'to go' - I'm wondering about the influence here. Libyan ar. has īʕǝddī impf., ʕǝddā pf. 'to go'

and, for clarification, ḥǝgg is 'price' in eastern Libyan.


Hey Kato,

All the words you mentioned are indeed loanwords from Arabic.

It's interesting that Aujila retains the classical arabic q as q and not as g that is what you find in eastern Libyan

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