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Damon Lord

In my free time, I like to do a bit of creative writing. It's my goal to write a piece/novel at some stage where the protagonist is a linguist, or studies linguistics, and saves the day, so that we have a linguistic Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. I just have not come up with the plot yet.

Damon Lord

And if I hear, when I mention linguistics to people, one more time that "Isn't Latin the mother of all European languages?", I'm going to open a can of whoop-ass (to employ an Americanism).


[this is good] Both the novel and the whoop-ass sound like a great idea ;-)

Johannes Jakob Jingelhheimer Schmidt

Sometimes I wonder if people give me strange looks when I'm rotating my
copy of Kleine Einführung in Hieroglyphischen Luwische around on the
bus or on the train in order to read the Hittite on the Hittite-Luwian
bilingual seals in it, but then again here in Canada I think everyone
else on the bus is far too self-occupied with their iPods to notice.

In America however, some paranoid person would probably think I'm a terrorist and report me :P

Ray Cote

I got the same reaction from my family when I told them I was going to major in mathematics. Hopefully you'll have more luck than me in getting a job in your field.

Oh, and don't forget...Stargate had a cute linguist on the show. In the movie he basically saved the day.

Glen Gordon

Hasn't anybody watched Star Trek Enterprise? Hoshi is a kickass linguistics role model... although... hmmm... I guess she did replace herself with her own Universal Translator program in the end. :-( Okay nevermind. Linguistics is doomed.


One of the doutlessly numerous linguist counterparts to Indiana Jones is Anthony Smith, Forensic Linguist, who was a recurring side-caracter in a fairly popular webcomic. Nowhere near Hollywood yet, but better that than nothing.


Sorry, that should be "Antonio". (Is there no edit button on this thing?!)


There is not, my frustrations with Vox are becoming higher and higher. Maybe I'll finally make the switch to blogger, or so, soon.

Damon Lord

Ah yes, how could I forget Hoshi Sato?I didn't watch Enterprise much though, so it's not surprising I forgot. There apparently was a linguist in Disney's "Atlantis", but I didn't watch that.


For the record, even though this is an old post, Indian Jones held a graduate degree in Linguistics.

David Marjanović

I'm surprised to learn there are people who believe all European languages are Romance. I haven't encountered those yet.


I've definitely had that happen to me, here in the Netherlands. Although it's been some time ago. So I suppose the general public is better informed now?

David Marjanović

Let's hope so. The Brexit vote suggests otherwise. :-/

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