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[this is good]


[das ist gut] Hi, I just googled "higiena saketo" and found your blog. Today, I saw
exactly the same bag on a toilet in a hospital in Münster, Germany. I
didn't pay much attention at it at first, but then i saw the
"-oj"-suffix and thought "that must be greek..oh, no wait! it's in
roman letters. That kinda looks like esperanto". I read the whole text
and my jaw fell open. It really IS Esperanto!  I learned that language
4 years ago but I never ever saw it in everyday life since then.
choice of the languages to print on the bag is actually very common in
germany, except the esperanto part. German+English+French+Italian is
the standard for multilanguage descriptions in Germany, but Turkish is
often seen too, since people of turkish origin make up 9%  of the
However,  I find this very amusing, too
greetings from Germany


ah, mistake! 9% of the population have an immigration background and 1/4 of them are from turkish origin!

Sinjoro Ǔombato

Mi ankaŭ trovis ĝin dufoje – in Malsupra Saksujo.

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