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This is linguistics!


Mmm PIE.


Yeah, I'm a retard, but you already know that.

Glen Gordon

[this is good]

Ah, quaint 19th-century phonetics. Brings back memories of the yesteryears when IEists were still Sanskritizing their roots and casting an evil eye towards those untrustworthy *e's and *o's of Greek.

Personally I love how marked stops are still called "plain stops" even though the plain stops are less frequent than the marked phonemes. I also like how the so-called palatal *k is used exclusively for the numbers and how it doesn't dawn on anyone that the palatal *k was only ever palatal in the satem dialects. The traditional centum-satem views are deliciously contrary to modern mainstream phonetics. How I love anarchy.

Um, can we all stop using these outdated palatal diacritics on velar stops when writing PIE roots? It's the 21st century; we should be in hovercars by now. Thanks a bunch :P (PS, if you don't know what I'm hinting at, look up "phonetic markedness" for a clue about how the IE system cries out to be modified just a smidgeon so that traditional "plain k's" are something like [+uvular] or [+pharyngeal].)

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