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Casey Goranson

Could you translate the poems? I'm curious if the meanings are as pretty as the sounds.


Hey Casey,

You can click the links that are in the blogpost, those will take you to the right Surah's with the translations. As for the pre-islamic peoms, those can be found in the link to the 'Safaito-Hismaic Baal Cycle Poem'.

Casey Goranson


Umar Tahir

This was really enlightening to read. Thanks for sharing! I hope I can continue to learn more about Quranic Arabic Insha'Allah

Khashan M.Khashan

The text of Arabic poetry conforms to a strict engineering mathematical pattern as proved for the first time on

Does Quran has its own text? Both Dr. Ahmed Kishk and Ibrahim Anis answer positively. Arabic Numerical prosody is an excellent tool to investigate the subject.

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