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Damon Lord

[das ist gut] Thanks for this. It's got me interested too. Are you also aware of Fingalian, which seems to be a sister language to Yola?



Definitely wasn't aware of that one! :D

Too bad that there's next to information to be found on it.

It's quite odd how it states it might both be a dialect of Yola and a vestige of old Norse and a dialect of Old English. Saying this is rather contradictory is an understatement. But hey, that's Wikipedia for you you ;-)

Nice to see a different face around here commenting. Welcome.

(Just found your blog when I googled Fingalian :D expect me to drop by every now and then).


Hi there, here is a link to a google books copy of jacob poole's glossary of yola
I have a copy of the book, it's very rare and would be worth 1500 euros.


My ancestors were Norman and arrived there in 1173, my cousins still own
the original Norman Keep. They were called Le Brun.

My great aunt was a senator in wexford in the thirties. Kathleen Browne.
She was a fluent yola speaker and writer. The family used it to write letters
to each other. Kathleen even wrote a short book about it for the wexford
historical society.

Garrett Browne.


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